Our sports team recently won several medals in the Spanish championship, which is a source of great pride for us. The team members worked hard and trained intensely for many months to prepare for this competition.

Their determination and hard work finally paid off and allowed Bittan Academy to shine on the Spanish national stage. The medals won are a well-deserved recognition of their talent and dedication to the sport

But these victories are not only important for the team itself. They are also a source of pride for the community as a whole. Families, friends, The community of Marbella take pride in seeing their team win medals and represent their city or region with distinction.

These victories also have a positive impact on the local youth of Marbella. Young people can be inspired by our team and encouraged to pursue their own dreams and aspirations, whether in sport or in other fields.

Finally, team victories show that when individuals work together as a team, great things can be accomplished. This is true not only in sports, but in all aspects of life.

In short, the medals won by our team in the Spanish championship are a source of pride for all of us. We are proud of their success and the example they set for local youth and for Bittan Academy as a whole.

1st dominic

1st Hanna

1st leonidas

1st iker

1st Maximilian

1st Luis NoGi

2nd Djao

2nd Ari

2nd Andrew

2nd Moya

2nd Rafa NoGi

3nd Gianni

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