Results of the Bittan Academy Competition Team at Grappling Industries Paris 05/03/2023.

4x gold

3x silver

2x bronze

The team finished 4th in clubs

There are several competitions and combat events that can provide a great opportunity to gain experience. Tournaments like @grapplingindustries where fighters face multiple opponents in one day can be especially beneficial for gaining combat experience. This allows fighters to face different styles and skill levels, as well as work on their stamina and ability to recover quickly between fights.

Gaining combat experience is important for several reasons. First, it helps develop the skills needed to succeed in the sport. Fighters gain a better understanding of their own and their opponents’ own fighting style, fame plan, as well as their own strength and weakness. By gaining this experience, fighters can also learn to control their emotions and stay focused under pressure.

Additionally, combat experience can help fighters build their confidence and self-esteem. By overcoming the challenges and obstacles encountered in competition, fighters can feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to defend themselves and handle stressful situations.

Ultimately, gaining combat experience can help fighters become better athletes and perhaps the future great champion.

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